Welcome to Interaction Transition


Over the past two years, Interaction Transition has made many changes. After over 25 years of providing residential housing support to ex-offenders, I/T no longer has residential services and is focusing on an Employment Assistance Program, thus we will continue to benefit those returning to the community. The Employment Assistance Program fulfills the vital and important need in getting ex-offenders immediately employed post-incarceration. And employment is significantly related to the successful re-entry of ex- offenders. I encourage you to explore our web site to find out how you can get involved with our re-entry programs, whether you are returning to the community or wish to provide jobs and other services to those in need.


Prison Outreach

Our prison outreach programs have been going on for more than 40 years, and are maintained by our dedicated and excellent volunteers. These tireless volunteers support the mission of Interaction Transition for many reasons. Learn more about who they are and why they are involved with our program.

Dr. Dave Clemmons

Monroe Correctional Complex, Washington State Reformatory (WSRU)

Dr. Betty Jones

Monroe Correctional Complex, Washington State Reformatory (WSRU)

Lori Whaley

Mission Creek Corrections Center For Women