Employment Assistance Program

The Employment Assistance Program works with employers that support formerly incarcerated individuals return to society.
Employment is highly related to successful re-entry and many local organizations, such as United Way of King County and The Seattle Foundation recognize the impact employment has on community stability, community safety, and an individual’s well-being.
The Employment Assistance Program provides an opportunity for formerly incarcerated individuals to reestablish their employment history, which is one of the major obstacles and challenges that the previously incarcerated encounter.
In addition to finding employment for formerly incarcerated individuals, the Employment Assistance Program facilitates the job search process by providing both social and technical support.


Providing Social Support

• Group Meetings to discuss and resolve job search issues
• Case management, including connections to community resources for food, transportation, clothing, housing, support groups for alcohol and drug dependency, and mental health services.


Technical Support

• Provide on-site computers for on-line job applications and connecting with employers 

• Edit, update, or create resumes and cover letters for clients as necessary
• Provide insight about job search strategies and what to expect from employers
• Provide guidance about how to present oneself professionally to employers