Employment Assistance Program

The Employment Assistance Program works with employers that support ex-offenders return to society.
Employment is highly related to successful re-entry and many local organizations, such as United Way of King County and The Seattle Foundation recognize the impact employment has on community stability, community safety, and an individual’s well-being.
The Employment Assistance Program provides an opportunity for ex-offenders to reestablish their employment history, which is one of the major obstacles and challenges that the previously incarcerated encounter.
In addition to finding employment for ex-offenders, the Employment Assistance Program facilitates the job search process by providing both social and technical support.


Providing Social Support

• Group Meetings to discuss and resolve job search issues
• Support groups for alcohol and drug dependency.


Technical Support

• Provide on-site computers for on-line job applications and connect with employers
• Provide printing for employers that require paper applications and resumes
• Provide guidance about what to expect from employers
• Provide guidance about how to present oneself professionally to employers