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Interaction Transition (I/T) is a private non-profit agency in Seattle, Washington dedicated to assisting ex-offenders in the re-entry process. I/T provides support to ex-offenders as they transition from prison or jail to community life and assistance in meeting critical basic needs such as employment and social support.


I/T recognizes that:


• Crime results in harm to victims and the community.


• Offenders must take positive action to repair the harm caused by their crimes and to make amends to victims and the community by becoming productive citizens and refraining from criminal behavior.


• The criminal justice system cannot adequately facilitate the ex-offender reentry process in isolation from other community stakeholders.


I/T works in cooperation with local law enforcement, corrections, social service, community agencies, and citizens to offer ex-offenders returning to society gestures of support in the reentry process with the goal of enhanced public safety.



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